Full Tune List

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Some tunes we frequently play:
(Start with these if you are new to us, or use the Tune List link above to see a much larger selection of what we might play). mp3's recorded at some of the jams may be downloaded via the mp3 link above.

A Major or Modal

Frosty Morning
Hangman’s Reel (The Hanged Man's Reel)
Jeff Sturgeon
Little Dutch Girl
Old Joe Clark
Old Mother Flanagan

C Major

Saturday Night Breakdown

D Major

Amelia’s Waltz
Ashokan Farewell
Bonaparte crossing the Rhine
Buck Mountain
Cherokee Shuffle
Forked Deer
Johnny don’t get Drunk
Pig Ankle Rag
Possum’s Tail is Bare
Snake River Reel
Spotted Pony
West Fork Gals
Whiskey before Breakfast

G Major

Auger in the Ditch
Girl I left behind Me
Jeff City
Nail that Catfish to the Tree
Possum on a Rail
Puncheon Floor
Seneca Square Dance
Shoes and Stockings
Shove that Pig’s Foot
Utpick/Oopick Waltz