Some old time string band links that we've found useful: -- tunes and videos

Fiddler's Companion -- huge collection, musical ethnography, discography, many tunes in ABC format

Hetzler's Fakebook -- many MIDI tunes

Fiddles Tunes of the Old Frontier -- The Henry Reed Collection -- nice MP3s

New Hot Times -- a Boston area string band

SPUDS -- a Philly area pick up band -- lots of PDF and ABC format tunes -- MP3s of tunes and banjo tabs

Mike Iverson's Clawhammer Banjo Tabs and Instruction -- all banjo

Banjo Newsletter Tab Index

Nashville Old Time String Band Association -- many MP3s

YouTube -- search for Black and Tan String Band, and Southern String Band

Erich Schroeder -- clawhammer banjo tunes

Banjr Don -- banjo tablatures

Tabs from Gordon Banks -- mostly Dwight Diller-banjo/West Virginia tunes

Megaband -- partial tune list and samples

Links -- a list of favorite links

Missouri -- notation and tabs

Charlie Walden -- mp3s under "the project"

The Way of the Fiddle -- tunes in standard notation

Old Time Fiddle Tunes -- tunes from old recordings and workshops

Tune collections -- a list of tune collections on the internet

Digital Library of Appalachia

Kentucky fiddle tunes -- look up individual tunesfor complete/partial listening or purchase